A Financial Advisor Can Secure Your Dreams

Ever since kindergarten, we have already been taught to dream big. We would take out our crayons and draw our future houses with a family, a car, and a pet dog named Rosie. Sometimes, we would even play dress up in the international costume of the places we want to visit in the future. As adults, we come to a realisation that in order to get hold of these, we need to work hard for it. Working hard and managing money to meet these goals, however, can get tricky at some point. This is why having a financial advisor can be beneficial in securing finances, and in turn, getting to our dreams. Here are a few tips in finding the right one for you.

Find someone you can trust. Be careful because it is easy for any person to say they are financial planners. Stick with the professionals with designations and educational backgrounds recognised by the state. It is safer to get references from friends and relatives to have an overview of the planner's capabilities. Also, check their certificates and do research whether their qualifications are legitimate. Hiring someone without checking his or her credentials is risky. They may not know what they are doing and put your money in the wrong investments that can deplete your savings or bury you with high fees. You do not want to entrust your future in the wrong hands.

The next thing to consider is what kind of financial advisor suits you according to your needs. Not all of them offer comprehensive advice from taxes to loans. There are types of planners that only focus on estate planning or on retirement. Find out which area of your finances you need help on and what you expect from the advisor. Also beware of those who are actually insurance salesmen tied to companies that offer advice just to benefit their businesses and increase sales.

When it comes to compensation, financial planners can be paid in three ways- flat fees, commission, or assets. Payment through flat fees is where you pay per visit or per hour. In commission, every time you purchase investments, a part of the total amount you pay will be deducted and that portion goes to your advisor. A fee based on assets are where planners charge you annually based on a percentage of profit you gained from the investment advice they have provided. Talk to your planner about this before sealing the deal.